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UPDATE 4/18/2022 – I am now accepting requests once again for access to my site. If you requested access over the past several months, please check your Junk folder for your access e-mail that was sent out over the Easter weekend!

In the fandom world, I go by the little known pename of CRMediaGal. From 2011-2019, I wrote and published forty-five fanfics, mostly SSHG (Severus Snape/Hermione Granger) and Severus Snape-centric, on fanfiction.net. For the most part, I loved sharing my writing openly with the few wonderful readers who expressed enjoyment in the tales I spun.

However, in February 2019, I decided to disengage from posting to public archives altogether and go private with sharing all future stories and creations. There were a number of personal reasons for reverting to a protected, safe environment for expressing myself, only a few of which I’ll share below, and, as such, all creations will remain private indefinitely, exclusively available at http://www.crmediagal.com…unless general fandom toxicity and trolling would miraculously disappear; or I could somehow be convinced to return to those platforms. I don’t hold out much hope of that happening, unfortunately.

If you ever enjoyed any one of my stories in the past, I’m delighted that you’ve found me and are here, but please mind a few basic rules (and yes, please READ these in their entirety before requesting access…otherwise, your request will be denied!):

  • Privacy and Mutual Respect: Access to my content is password-protected to ensure that my endeavours are shared with like-minded individuals only. In other words, with those who genuinely like (and the even fewer and equally precious who love) my brand of storytelling, who have good intentions towards me, and who aren’t interested in nitpicking, stifling, or degrading what constitutes as self-expression and free entertainment to all, none of which one is under any obligation to read or look at. When the option to step away from something freely provided without putting the creator down exists, there is no excuse for doing otherwise, particularly when…
  • Fanfic Is a Hobby: For me, and this is important (but, also, a fact!) – fanfiction is not a profession. Therefore, not every fanfic writer is invested in storytelling to become the next JK Rowling. Some of us are here just to have a respite from everyday hardships, and this is crucial for readers to bear in mind before leaving criticism that, to them, may seem “helpful” but to a writer going through something (or not) might deter them from posting anymore writing altogether. Not all fanfic writers are open to criticism and, frankly, we’re under no obligation to take it on when a). it doesn’t pay our bills and b). once more, the option for a disgruntled reader to exit our work without having made any sort of financial commitment exists. Again, hobbies and all that. You’re not leaving an Amazon review here, so please be kind to others’ creative outlets, including mine.
  • “Constructive” Critique: In case I wasn’t clear, flames and general negativity are not permitted here. By saying this, I’m not requesting praise alone. On the contrary, I understand that readers will have questions and, perhaps, even concerns at times whilst reading a story of mine, especially WIPs where not everything is established to the reader upfront. However, if you are at all familiar with my work, you should be well-aware that I will provide those answers to you in time. Also, I wish to keep the atmosphere here light and upbeat, even when the subject matter for some of these fics gets heavy at times. Thus, if you have a criticism for me that you feel you absolutely must get out or you’ll explode, do privately reach out to me. I don’t bite (I mean, unless your approach is downright rude and aggressive) and I might take your suggestion(s) on board; but I might not…and, as the writer, that’s my prerogative to make, ultimately. There’s no need to take offense if I don’t.
  • Readers’ Expectations On Stories and Updates: Expect me to make an occasional error, for I am human just like you and not a published author. I do proofread my own work extensively and have gathered enough knowledge over the past nine years of writing to not use a beta regularly. Expect updates to be delayed or, at the very least, slower than what you may be accustomed to from other writers due to…life. Sh*t happens, ya know? I work full-time; I have a life outside of writing and other hobbies that I enjoy, too; and writing’s hard, my friends. Expect to be blocked if you tear apart, whine, or flame my updating “schedule” (erm, hence, the quotation marks because any sort of posting schedule for me is a joke lol). I will update when I feel the story is polished and ready. Those updates may not be as frequently as you’d prefer, but my aim will always be to make new content worth your while. I hope, as a reader of mine, you already have come to expect a certain level of quality from me.
  • Personal Preferences: If it turns out that a story of mine isn’t for you, that’s perfectly fine…even if that crushes my soul. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz! *razzle dazzle shoulder bobbing* Storytelling involves differing personal tastes. What constitutes as “OOC” to one reader won’t to another, etc. I’m fortunate to have a bucket load of readers who do like/love my work and, hopefully, if you’re reading this, you’re one of them. That being said, there’s no valid excuse for marking your dislike on someone else’s territory because the story or plot developments or characters’ actions didn’t meet your specific expectations. Remember: writers aren’t mind readers, and we don’t often write stories with certain tastes in mind.
  • Mailing List and Password: If you choose to sign up for the mailing list just to nab the password and then unsubscribe, I’m afraid I’ll have to block you. The mailing list is how I keep track of who has access here and, again, my creative space is a protected space for reasons I’m under no obligation to fully disclose (but hopefully I’ve made a couple of my reasons behind this clearer). Any suspicious activity that suggests that this space is being compromised leaves me with little other choice but to protect myself and my hobby, first and foremost. It’s why I reverted to my own website, after all, where I, at last, have control over the harassment and negativity that has plagued me for years. Ultimately, no one should have to go to these measures just to enjoy a hobby, but experience has left me little other choice outside of quitting. And I refuse to give up on something I love doing because a couple petty, unfulfilled people out there don’t want it (or me) to exist, so here we are! Expect that, on occasion, the password will change. An e-mail will be sent to all subscribers when this occurs.
  • New Readers: I no longer provide access to readers unfamiliar with any of my old stories on fanfiction.net strictly because it doesn’t make sense to do so, either for me or for a new reader. While I’m always delighted to have new readers onboard (hello and welcome!), if you haven’t read any of my public works, of which there are over forty to choose from, this website is not the place to start. Please familiarise yourself with, at least, one story of mine that’s already publicly available, thereby determining for yourself whether you even enjoy my writing style, before requesting access here. (Also, some of my fics, such as the Unquestionable Love series, overlap between my inactive account and this website at the present time, so those stories won’t make much sense if you haven’t read what’s been published at fanfiction.net, too.) If you decide after checking out my older stories that you like my writing enough to want to read more then feel free to return and request access at that time. If your request doesn’t specify that you have read my stories before, I will ignore it.
  • Maintaining Access: As the owner of this creative space, I reserve the right to remove anyone from access at any time for any reason, so this goes back to everything I’ve stressed: please don’t be a prick, either to me or to anyone else here. This will get you removed. We’re a lovely bunch here and it should stay that way.

Providing access to you is a form of trust. If you break that trust then I can’t continue to grant you access. I hope that is now well-understood.

In conclusion, my aim is only to form a fun-loving community between writer and reader that’s based upon mutual kindness and respect. If you can cohere with these rules and want to read/view more from me then feel free to proceed!


Please use the contact form (accessible via the Menu bar or direct link provided) to receive updates and access via e-mail!

Original fanfics, including unrevised versions of the Unquestionable Love series, available to read here – https://www.fanfiction.net/u/3227820/CRMediaGal

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